TAX ADVANTAGES IN TURKEY Companies may tend to do a lot of irregular transactions to increase their competitiveness or to raise profitability rates. One of these irregular transactions is the trading of goods which have not existed. In other words, fake billing. This irregular procedure is severely sanctioned by law. According to the VUK (Tax Procedure Law) m.359/a-2; the administrative fine is applied by the tax authorities for those who issue and use fake documents. An administrative fine is a tax-wasting fine which is equivalent to 3 times of lost tax. Also, the lost tax is calculated separately for taxes lost such as corporate tax, income tax, VAT. Furthermore, due to irregularities, the special irregularity fines and delays are also taken with the delay interest. Besides all these administrative fines, the tax office can file a criminal complaint against the taxpayer to the Public Prosecutor's Office, requesting a prison sentence of 3 years to 5 years.

26 September 2020 , 15:14
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JOINT-STOCK COMPANY IN TURKEY According to Article 329 of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 (TCC), The joint-stock company is the company whose capital is specific, divided into shares, and is responsible for its debts only with its assets. Joint-stock companies can be established for all kinds of economic purposes and issues that are not legally prohibited. Joint-stock companies are essential for corporate identity prestige. It creates a reputation in the perception of third parties. Besides, since banks have an advantage in company reviews, it is the preferred reason for entrepreneurs who need financing.

20 July 2020 , 00:08
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Both the joint-stock company and the limited company may be established for any purpose or subject that is not prohibited by law. The most important reason why people prefer a joint-stock company to a limited company is prestige. The joint-stock company creates a more prestigious perception in the eyes of the people, banks and institutions. Without public offering (A non-IPO / A Non-public joint-stock company), a joint-stock company is established with at least one and a maximum of 500 people. A limited company is established with at least one and a maximum of 50 people.

26 September 2020 , 15:17
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Financial Advisor Selection The first thing you need to do after you decide to start a company is to make a choice by interviewing the financial advisor candidates you can trust. Yes, the choice of financial advisor should not be hasty. The interview you will make with a few financial advisors about your business will give you the correct answer. All steps written here to inform are steps that can be taken with an expert advisor. Acting in accordance with many laws such as 6102 Turkish Commercial Code, 213 Tax Procedure Law, 5520 corporate tax law, 193 income tax law, 6183 public receivables law, 5510 social insurance and general health insurance law, 3568 professional law and VAT general communiqué are a subject that requires serious expertise.

26 September 2020 , 15:41
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