As an Imporium Audit and IAFA Ltd. Şti. we provide independent and internal auditing services to SMEs. The main topic of our independent auditing services is the analysis f the "Financial Statements". The main topic of our internal audit activities is a comprehensive analysis of company workflow processes (marketing, purchasing, human resources, accounting, finance, production system, etc.) following the wishes of "Bosses or managers".


Independent Audit

Independent audit determines whether the financial statements reflect reality or not. Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement are the most important financial statements.

The balance sheet shows the financial status of the company at a specific date. It shows their holdings, assets and debts. The most important element to monitor on the balance sheet is which resources used for funding business.

The income statement is the table that shows profit or loss during the period obtained by the business as a result of the subtraction of all costs and expenses generated during the same period from the income generated by the business during a certain period.

Financial statements show financial status and financial performance. Financial statements show how resources entrusted to administrators are used effectively.


Internal Audit

Coverage of internal audit: Company assets, financial reporting, accounting, finance, corporate management system, sales, marketing, purchasing, warehouse, production processes, quality control processes, compliance with contracts, abuse tests, company policies and compliance with legal legislation.

The internal audit examines whether the company's assets are protected against any damages and whether it is managed in accordance with company policies.

Internal auditing is an operation to optimize the efficiency of the company.

Improvement and development alongside with the detection of possible errors and cheats in the internal audit process should be essential.

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