Financial and Accounting Consultancy

Tax Management Consultancy In Turkey

Companies may tend to do a lot of irregular transactions to increase their competitiveness or to raise profitability rates. One of these irregular transactions is the trading of goods which have not existed. In other words, fake billing. This irregular procedure is severely sanctioned by law. According to the VUK (Tax Procedure Law) m.359/a-2; the administrative fine is applied by the tax authorities for those who issue and use fake documents. An administrative fine is a tax-wasting fine which is equivalent to 3 times of lost tax. Also, the lost tax is calculated separately for taxes lost such as corporate tax, income tax, VAT. Besides, due to irregularities, the special irregularity fines and delays are also taken with the delay interest. Besides all these administrative fines, the tax office can file a criminal complaint against the taxpayer to the Public Prosecutor's Office, requesting a prison sentence of 3 years to 5 years.

Additionally, these irregular transactions can be used as a threat by company employees or managers. While leaving the company's owners helpless; the company's non-real trading transactions threatens the accuracy of company reporting. Instead of doing such transactions against law and regulations, it would be safer to reduce taxes with tax avoidance methods permitted by laws and regulations. Besides, we will have the opportunity to take our precautions in advance, as all transactions made in a recording will reflect company reporting more accurately which is vital for many companies.

As Imporium Audit, we aim to assist our customers with tax management following law and legislation. Under the scope of this tax laws, we want to benefit our taxpayers from tax advantages. In this way, we aim to increase the competitiveness of our customers in the market and to have effective management.


Accounting Organization Consultancy In Turkey

Accounting organization is an important problem for our companies which are progressing towards institutionalization.

Which works are at the beginning of these problems? By whom should it be done? How many people should be used to do specified work? How should the competence and performance assessment of accounting and finance personnel be? How should be the control mechanism of the accounting records?

We aim to manage our companies' accounting organization optimally by finding answers to their questions with our competent and experienced staffs.


Financial Management Consultancy In Turkey

Within the scope of Financial Management Consultancy, we aim to identify financial strategies that can provide added value to your company. In this context, we pursue the implementation of strategies through preparing budget work, cost analysis, determination of target market, product differentiation and current situation and future predictions with cash flow statements, which will be designed to increase the value of your company.

According to the difference between the balance of company cash flow statements payment and collection, predicting funding support to be needed is vital for companies.

Cash flow statements aim to plan the collection of the company's receivables on the market and to have the necessary financing needs ready for the necessary maturities. Besides, it makes disruptions that may occur for economic and sectoral reasons foreseeable and also requires to take necessary measures.

Financial disruptions in companies are usually tried to be solved by outsourcing method. This outsourcing is usually provided by banks and other financial institutions. To use outsourcing regularly and without problems, it is crucial to establish good relations with financial institutions and overcome the surprise collection problems that may occur at credit limits.


Incentive Consultancy In Turkey

·      SGK (Social Security Institution) Consultancy

·      KOSGEB Incentive Consultancy

·      Turkish ministry of commerce incentives

·      TÜBİTAK incentives


Technology and Brand Consultancy

·       Brand / Product / Service Consultancy

·       Current Business Practices and Technological Investment Consultancy

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